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Online small business lending experience
Audit and roadmap for small business banking CX
Online B2B portal for Commercial Card


The small business banking team had a new leader, at a time when Capital One had just acquired a number of financial institutions. The team lead needed to know what they had, and how all the experiences worked – or didn’t – together. The small business lending team wanted a way to reach customers on the West Coast without having any physical branches in the region. And the B2B Commercial Card team needed help to bring features to market faster than they could do on their own.


We worked with multiple divisions inside Capital One, augmenting their internal research and design teams, and taking the lead on projects where they didn’t have the resources in-house.


At Tangible we like to say that taking an honest look at where you are helps you get where you want to be, faster. That’s exactly what we helped Capital One do — after auditing the entire small business banking ecosystem through a customer-centric lens, we worked to define the ideal CX for their target audience, reimagining their roadmap based on real customer needs.

For the small business lending team, we designed a new digital lending experience that was deployed online and in kiosks throughout San Francisco.

For the B2B Commercial Card team, we helped them roll out new features like a tool for admins to manage reimbursements, along with a new portal for employees to record details of their travel and expenses.


Ecosystem, experience and service audits
User research and ethnography
Persona development
Digital strategy
Innovation workshops and training
Market Research
CX design
UX/UI design
Interaction design
Service design
Graphical recording
Embedded innovation strategists
Rapid prototypes and experiments
User testing and feedback
Project management