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Becoming a juggernaut was part of the plan.
win in a single A/B test
reduction in attrition of high-value customers with loyalty program design contributing to $2.1 billion in product line revenue
Tangible serves as our full XD resource – visual, interaction, design, research, copy, and has evolved further to provide support for front-end development work. Tangible provides a fully dedicated, one-stop shop for XD needs, but also is able to scale up and down to support the needs of the business. I highly recommend them for anyone requiring leadership in XD in their organization!
Karen Barson
Vice President, QuickBooks Desktop Marketing


Tangible has worked with the QuickBooks product and marketing teams for more than 10 years. The flagships QuickBooks Online Advanced, Desktop Enterprise, and Priority Circle all work with Tangible to:

Win “new-to-the-franchise” customers (not currently using any QuickBooks product)
“Stretch” existing customers into higher tiers of products
Convert customers from one-time buyers to ongoing subscribers
Win add-ons of associated paid services

We worked with QuickBooks to evolve from a marketing strategy focused primarily on existing users of lower tier products to a positioning that resonated with a new-to-the-franchise audience, while also meeting the needs of existing users. Additionally, we helped them pivot from a product-first positioning to a customer-first positioning.
We designed content and experiences including landing pages, interactive digital experiences, entire websites, emails, in-product advertising, and videos to support this repositioning.


QuickBooks Online accounting software revenue is up 95% (to $1.35 billion) from FY18 to FY20. A huge part of that increase has been attributed to the growth of Advanced customers. And despite a global pivot to cloud-based software, QuickBooks Desktop revenue is up 5.5% (to $755 million) from FY18 – FY20, primarily due to an increase in QuickBooks Enterprise subscribers.

Among many other successful tests, we reimagined the Buy Online experience for the flagship QuickBooks Enterprise product line, resulting in a 75% increase in online conversions, and designed the QuickBooks customer loyalty program, resulting in a 30% reduction in attrition of the high-value Enterprise and Advanced customers.

A/B testing
Ecosystem, experience and service audits
User research and ethnography
Persona development
Content strategy
Digital strategy
Product strategy
Marketing strategy
Market Research
Innovation workshops and training
CX design
UX/UI design
Interaction design
Product design
Print collateral
Direct mail
Content design
Information architecture
Visual design
Graphical recording
Copywriting for interfaces, websites, email and direct mail
Motion graphics
Product marketing and explainer videos
Rapid prototypes and experiments
User testing and feedback
Project management