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Research, interface design, voice and tone guidelines for new B2B / B2C offering


Verizon approached Tangible to engage in research, strategy and design for a service that would allow customers to stream or download sponsored content on their mobile devices that wouldn’t count against their monthly data limits.


We talked to customers around the country, built personas, developed user flows, and designed an interface for content providers to purchase data buys and sponsor content for their target audiences. We also developed voice and tone guidelines for both the B2B and consumer-facing messaging.


Our clients were a little ahead of their time — it took Verizon another couple years to roll-out their sponsored data offering. That’s what trailblazing is all about.


Design strategy
Experience audit
Service audit
User research
Persona development
UX/UI design
Interaction design
Information architecture
Pattern libraries
Enterprise app design
Enterprise web design
Rapid prototypes and experiments
User testing and feedback
Front end development
Project management