Tangible serves three levels of customers: our clients, the end users of the work we do, and our own team. Our priority is to serve all three with equal kindness and respect.
Tangible is committed to telling diverse stories, reflecting our diverse audiences and drawing from diverse experiences and perspectives. Tangible is an equal opportunity employer and values equity and inclusion. Here are the core values that guide our approach to serving our team:

Work/life balance

We support our team members in their desire to maintain the work/life balance that is right for them by offering flexibility in scheduling and the ability to work remotely.

Mutual trust

We cultivate a culture of mutual trust and respect to help ensure that every team member feels comfortable being an active participant in driving the company forward.


Our team is proactive. We attract top-tier experienced professionals who are self-starters and don’t require a lot of supervision, and who can effectively deliver on every project.

Team spirit

Tangibles have a consistently positive attitude, and enjoy working as part of a virtual team (emphasis on team).
Current Open Positions:
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We're growing!
We don't have openings for these positions at this moment, but we're growing and we expect to need these roles filled in the near future. If you're a freelancer or consultant* and you'd be interested in adding Tangible to your mix, please drop us a line at [email protected].
* In compliance with California labor law, Tangible hires nearly all US-based team members as non-exempt hourly employees.