Social Strategy & Interaction Design

Designing social sites and mobile applications, or adding a social dimension to an existing project, entails unique challenges way beyond those involved in creating experiences for individuals interacting alone with an interface.

When you engage Tangible UX to collaborate in defining your social interface strategy, we use our Social Strategy Canvas to explore the foundations and key facets in the social landscape that should be considered specific to your business context and your desired community you want to create and engage.


  • Review high-level practices and design principles that underpin individual interactions including:
    • The foundational elements that are in every social experience
    • Tools and social features to drive virality
    • How to onboard new users
    • Gotchas and easy-outs to avoid
    • Privacy and anonymity option in user identity and contributions
    • The pros and cons of how reputation components change behavior
    • Staffing needs to support community moderation
  • Share best practices for specific features and desired behaviors
  • Advise how interface and interaction combinations of different social features can change the nature of the experience and the type of community engaged or desired using our Social Strategy Canvas as a guide.
    Social Strategy Canvas
    Social Strategy Canvas
    • The Social Strategy Canvas illustrates the many of the core building blocks for creating a socially infused businesses and details the options for which elements you might do first — what we call table stakes — and those options which can be slowly added into the mix — either as the business improves or when the community asks for it.
  • Advise how to plan out the features you are considering with the canvas and consider how each may support your business goal while infusing a social mindset into your products.