We use motion to move the needle.
We offer end-to-end video production services, including motion graphics, animation, and live action, with deep expertise in SaaS product marketing and explainer videos. Clients include brands you’ve heard of and some you haven’t yet.
of customers would rather learn about a brand or service through a video*
*Source: Hubspot Research
tl;dr - creating an effective product marketing video is hard. We’ve made a ton of them, and we can make yours, too.

You might, one day, get someone to care enough about your product or service to read an entire page of single-spaced type about it, or sit through a 30-minute presentation. But we both know you won’t get there without first boiling your story down to something that can fit in a two-minute video. We’ve created lots of product marketing and animated explainer videos, and we’re here to tell you that even the world’s leading technology companies find this really challenging. The thing is, to tell your story effectively in two minutes or less, you need more than product experts. You need storytelling experts. That’s where we come in.

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of senior executives would rather watch a video than read an article*
*Source: Forbes Insights
B2B? B2C?
Without the right video to tell your story, you’re B2 no one’s paying attention.

Whether you’re looking for investors, business partners, customers or all of the above, there’s nothing more effective than video as a vehicle to pique interest, command attention, raise awareness, and drive engagement.

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Start with why.

Simon Sinek taught us people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. If you haven’t found your why, we can help. We’re not experts in your product, and we might not even be experts in your industry. That’s a good thing. It allows us to see your product with fresh eyes, and tell your story in a way that feels exciting, and is grounded in why you and your team show up to work every day.

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Whoa there, pardner.

One reason brands struggle to produce an impactful product marketing video is because they start too far into the process. If you start with a script, or even a storyboard, chances are you’ve skipped a bunch of steps and you’re building your project on a shaky foundation. Sooner or later, those cracks are going to show. It’s easier, and ultimately cheaper, to start on solid ground. That’s why we begin by defining your audience, identifying your core message, and aligning around a vision for the video. Here’s the process we follow for every video we produce.


Messaging strategy
Principal photography


Live action video
Animation rounds
Soundtrack composition
Video editing

Post Production

Final animation
Sound design
Voice talent recording
Audio engineering


Optimizing for channel placement & distribution
Video marketing content
Teasers and re-cuts for multi-channel distribution

We play well with others.

Often, we work with clients who have other partners for parts of this process, or can take care of some things in-house. If you have other teams you’d like us to work with, a brand system we need to work within, or if you’ve done some of this already, great! Wherever you are on this journey, Tangible can meet you there. And if you skipped a step, we can help you with that, too. We can function as an extension of your team or a reliable captain to steer the ship, while always supporting you to be the hero of the project.
In addition to their amazingly creative work, what I loved about the Tangible team is that at the end of the day, my stakeholders could not tell the difference between an internal creative on my team and a member of the Tangible team. The engagement worked so much smoother than the typical agency engagement; it was much healthier for my internal team and much more successful with regards to the final outcomes.
Sandra Jones
Former Senior User Experience & Creative Leader, TurboTax

Let’s make a movie.

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