Customer-Centric Innovation Workshop


Unlock your team’s creative problem solving abilities with one of our Customer-Centric Innovation Workshops. In just one day (or even less), you can discover how to deliver amazing experiences to your customers – experiences that can increase market share, build a stronger brand, keep your team engaged, and boost employee job satisfaction.

We can help your team determine the most important things to work on right now – and how to decide what to work on next.


Tell us about the type of experience you want to create – or the problem you’re trying to solve. We can tailor a full-day, half-day, or one-hour workshop to meet your team’s exact needs. For example, say your aim is get to know your customers and prospects better; we can teach you proven ways to enhance customers’ interaction with your product or service at various “touch points.” Whatever your goal, a Tangible UX workshop will provide you with a wealth of ideas and a viable roadmap for making improvements that matter.


We’ll introduce you to various techniques that Tangible UX has successfully used to help organizations improve their focus on customers. These innovative tools include feedback sessions, customer journey lines, idea generation, storyboarding, rapid experimentation, and more.

We’ll also keep things lively with a variety of activities designed to get the ideas flowing … and help people from different parts of the organization get to know each other. Having your team members build empathy for one another is crucial to building empathy for customers.


This workshop isn’t just for your creative team. It’s for everyone who plays a part in producing and maintaining your customer experience. Product developers, marketing managers, support representatives, VP and C-level executives – all are welcome. In fact, the more varied the group, the better.


  • Get to know your customers better – and deepen your empathy for them
  • Identify the highs and lows in your customer experience
  • Create problem statements and rank the top priorities
  • Brainstorm more effectively, using our proven tools and techniques
  • Visualize innovative solutions and create a roadmap to implementing them