Design Patterns & Component Toolkit Workshop

Tired of redesigning the same interactions over and over again?
Interested in streamlining your design and development process without sacrificing quality?
Wondering if you need to create a library of reusable design components and solutions?

Erin will share insights and lessons learned from her 4+ year history as the founder of the Yahoo! pattern library and developing toolkits for a host of other companies in the last 7 years. She will teach you how to identify patterns, write, and review patterns; build a toolkit library with design patterns, brand guidelines and components; and then will discuss how to leverage the these different pieces to rapidly design websites and applications. Topics covered include:

  • Identifying patterns
  • Writing patterns (and building consensus)
  • Reviewing patterns
  • Defining Atomic and Brand Elements
  • Creating the libray
  • Attaching templates and code modules to patterns
  • Rapid prototyping of web experiences

This workshop will empower your team to create their own library, use the library as a tool to bridge between Brand marketing, UX and development and over time save money by reducing design and development time for standard, common interactions.

1/2 Day includes:

  • Presentations and stories for context
  • Group discussions

Full Day includes:

  • Assessment of current situation
  • Presentations and stories for context
  • Group discussions
  • Team brainstorms and sketching