Social Experience Design Workshop

Designing social sites and mobile applications, or adding a social dimension to an existing project, entails unique challenges way beyond those involved in creating experiences for individuals interacting alone with an interface. In this workshop we will explore the foundations and key facets in the social landscape that should be considered when designing for social experiences and we’ll look at a set of high-level practices that underpin individual interactions. Some of the lessons and tips include:

  • the foundational elements that are in every social experience
  • tools and social features to drive virality
  • how to onboard new users
  • gotchas and easy-outs to avoid
  • the pros and cons of gamification and how reputation components change behavior
  • the seamless nature of offline and online with mobile

Along the way we’ll share examples from past and current sites and mobile applications and talk about how the combinations – mix and match – of different social features changes the nature of the experience and the type of community engaged.

Erin will present rules and tips for how to mix-and-match the individual social patterns and best practices to create compelling social experiences. Workshop activities will involve group discussions and sketching to explore the application of social interaction patterns to specific scenarios.

Who is this workshop for?

Designers, developers, architects and product specialists all need to work together to create compelling social experiences online and this workshop will be relevant to anyone who has to plan, design, build, or bring to market social websites and applications.

What will you learn?

By the end of this very full day you will be able to:

  • understand, visualize, and communicate clearly about the social design landscape
  • apply a set of core social design principles to a wide variety of contexts
  • create models for the representation of people and social objects in your app
  • add social features intelligently (and incrementally) to an existing site
  • design reputation features to enable the type of community (competitive? collaborative? somewhere in between?) you want
  • enable sharing and engage organic word-of-mouth growth to launch your project
  • embrace openness and leverage the existing open social infrastructure of the web
  • introduce representations of presence into an experience so that your users can find and relate to each other
  • tie your virtual experiences to the real world in space and time by connecting to maps, geolocation, and calendaring tools
  • figure out an enterprise social media strategy for your client, boss, or startup

1/2 Day includes:

  • Presentations and stories for context
  • Group discussions

Full Day includes:

  • Presentations and stories for context
  • Group discussions
  • Team brainstorms and sketching
  • Group game play