1 Tool & 2 Steps to Rapid Innovation

Tangible’s own Robert Hoekman, Jr. breaks down techniques to bring innovation principles that will actually stick into an enterprise environment.

1 Tool & 2 Steps to Rapid Innovation from Tangible UX on Vimeo.

Talk overview:

Everybody wants to innovate at top speed. Most who try end up running the occasional design sprint and then going back to what they know: waterfall product development pretending to be something else because the Engineering team says it practices Agile.

You want something more. Something better.

But how do you introduce a rapid innovation practice into an enterprise without a massive overhaul and disruption to a productive workforce? How do you prove the benefits of the move without hiring a staff of experts and a change management team?

You do it by side-stepping everything you know about product design.

In this talk, you’ll create your first Rapid Experiment Canvas and learn how to disrupt your broken system to get big results fast.