Taking an honest look at where you are helps you get where you want to be, faster. Now offering UX audits of all shapes and sizes.
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We are a CX research,
strategy and design firm.
You can hire us to collaborate
on a business challenge,
build a culture of innovation
within your organization,
or both.

We take pride in being smart, kind, and as professional as they come. These are the values we bring to work every day.
We dive into our client’s world as if it were our own. Our process is collaborative and intentional, making sure both extroverts and introverts have a voice and a seat at the table.
We do high-quality, professional work that is delivered on time and on budget. We ensure that our work is completed to the highest standard and that our clients are satisfied.
We support our clients to find the sweet spot where feasibility (what is technically possible within budget), viability (what makes money or meets business objectives), and desirability (what people need) intersect.
We don’t look at the customer as a meal ticket but as someone to care for and consider. We teach empathy to our clients, bringing to organizations a human-centric focus that’s good for business.


Ecosystem, experience and service audits
User research and ethnography
Persona development
Content strategy
Digital strategy
Marketing strategy
Product strategy
Innovation workshops and training


CX design
UX/UI design
Interaction design
Content design
Information architecture
Enterprise and consumer app design
Visual design
Graphical recording


Copywriting for interfaces, websites, email and direct mail
Direct response marketing
Style guides and editorial direction
Live action video
Motion graphics


Project management
A/B testing
Embedded innovation strategists
Rapid prototypes and experiments
User testing and feedback
Headless WordPress


While we maintain a physical office in San Francisco, our team is distributed across North America and beyond, which means we can hire people based on who they are and not where they live, and put together just the right team for your project. It also means we can get more done in a business day.
Adrian Elliot
Visual Designer
Alita Pinto
UX Designer
Amanda Thacker-Heidtke
Bob Bobala
Content Designer
Bruce Charonnat
Dan Marshall
Creative Strategist
David Bloxsom
UX Designer
Deb Zwerner
Dottie Hodges
Hannah Barganier
UX Designer
James Young
Jamie Otelsberg
UX Designer
Jen Bailey
UX Designer
Jocelyn Bergen
UX Designer
Margo Rowder
Content Designer
Martin Bory
Web Developer
Martin Kraus
Visual Designer
Matt Accardo
Motion Designer & Video Editor
Matt DeVaney
Content Designer
Melissa Roberts Tims
Producer & Chief of Staff
MJ Broadbent
Graphical Recorder
Nikki Wolfe
UX Designer
Robert Hoekman Jr.
Innovation Strategist
Ruben De Luna
Motion Designer & Video Editor
Shakti Fleisher
Operations Manager
Sonia Patel
UX Designer
Sudha Darling
Content Strategist
Tanya Petroskey
Thomas McCall
Visual Designer
Tom Kennedy
In addition to their amazingly creative work, what I loved about the Tangible team is that at the end of the day, my stakeholders could not tell the difference between an internal creative on my team and a member of the Tangible team. The engagement worked so much smoother than the typical agency engagement; it was much healthier for my internal team and much more successful with regards to the final outcomes.
Sandra Jones
Former Senior User Experience & Creative Leader, TurboTax