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Changing perceptions about one of the world’s most well-known brands
Intel's commercial software team had the solutions they knew their enterprise customers needed. They partnered with Tangible to help them shape it - and to start shouting it from the rooftops.

Intel has been a leading contributor to the open-source software community for decades, and is uniquely positioned to understand and solve the problems faced by world-changing companies. And it found itself with a clear opportunity to evolve as a major brand in the enterprise software space.

Intel saw its enterprise clients face a series of similar challenges as they embraced the AI revolution, and the collaboration and cloud computing that makes it possible. Regulatory frameworks designed to keep private data private meant enterprises needed to be able to prove security and compliance as their data moved to the cloud. Cloud computing is designed to scale seamlessly as demand rises–often driving up infrastructure costs. And shipping machine learning solutions at scale is so complex that ROI on AI can be hard to come by.

Intel sought to bring to market a portfolio of enterprise software solutions designed to solve each of these problems. But they also wanted Intel to be known for both hardware and software.

That’s where we came in. Tangible helped launch Intel as a major player in enterprise software by creating foundational messaging, and creative assets from the top of the funnel through every step of the sales cycle.


What we produced:

  • Messaging
  • Analyst materials
  • Presentation content
    strategy and design
  • Videos: product
    marketing and explainers
  • Event collateral
  • Blogs, eBooks, and case
  • Executive communications support
  • Digital and social advertising
  • Sales enablement assets
  • Email
  • Print design
  • Technical documentation


Tangible continues to impress us at Intel - both in the amount of work you're able to do and the quality of work you produce.
Caitlin Clark-Zigmond
Senior Director of Software/SaaS Marketing, Intel

Laying the foundation with messaging and positioning: designed to turn heads and change minds within the Fortune 500.

We worked closely with Intel’s commercial software and brand teams to craft messaging that knit together every solution in the new enterprise software portfolio, mapping each one back to problems that have seemed intractable – until now.

Informed by testing with Fortune 500 leaders, we refined that messaging into a GTM strategy and foundational playbook for Intel’s first major launch as a commercial software company. Tangible continues to partner with Intel as their agency of record for their commercial software GTM initiatives.

Good explaining is good marketing.

As one of the world’s leading innovators, Intel anticipates not just the problems enterprises face today, but the ones they will face tomorrow. That’s how Tangible knew we weren’t just marketing a solution, but an entire problem space. This meant helping enterprise audiences see what’s around the corner – and how a world defined by AI, cloud computing, and collaboration will open new attack surfaces that require new approaches to cybersecurity.

We also had to explain how Intel’s innovative new solution works, introducing a series of highly complex topics in a simple, clear, compelling, on-brand animated video. And we had to do it all in two minutes or less.

Making an impression at just the right moment

Intel’s annual Vision event brings together business and technical leaders along with representatives from the world’s leading technology consulting firms to hear directly from executives about Intel’s roadmap, and how Intel is positioned to support its partners to seize opportunities and overcome challenges as they navigate the cutting edge of emerging technologies. Intel Innovation is an annual developer-focused event that presents Intel’s latest breakthroughs in software, services, hardware, and advanced technologies.

We helped our partners at Intel tell the story of their new enterprise software portfolio at both 2023 events through presentation content strategy and design, event collateral, and direct executive support.

Collaboration > silos

Too often with some clients, we see that sales teams understand their customers best, yet are never asked what they know, and what would they would tell marketing if they could. Product teams who understand the product best (who it helps, what it does, and how it works), aren’t consulted about how the product story is told. The end result? Sales teams struggle with receiving unqualified leads who’ve been made promises that sales can’t keep.

At Tangible, we do things a little differently. We’re big on cross-functional collaboration that brings sales, product, and marketing teams together to drive towards a shared goal. Customer insights from the sales team are used to craft more effective marketing messages, and experiences that ring true because they are, as confirmed by the product team. This in turn delivers more qualified leads, who have a better understanding of what they’re buying. That leads to more deals won, which makes heroes out of sales, marketing, and product teams.

Our partnership with Intel worked differently. We collaborated closely with sales leaders to understand what their teams already knew about their customers.  We connected with product teams to deeply understand the products and used that knowledge to create not just better marketing experiences, but more effective enablement materials for every step of the sales cycle.

Everything everywhere all at once

We brought the story of the enterprise software portfolio to life through a new section of dedicated to software solutions, leveraging foundational messaging we worked to develop. We continue to serve as the dedicated web partner, iterating on the software site with regular sprints focused on driving leads for every product in the portfolio. But we didn’t just build it and wait – we crafted an omnichannel marketing campaign with creative spanning LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Display Ads, YouTube ads, and audio ads for podcasts to drive customers to engage.