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Growing a strategic partnership that goes beyond the traditional agency relationship
QuickBooks has talented internal teams working to support their customers every day, but what they needed was a product marketing agency to help empower their teams and drive their vision forward. That’s where Tangible came in.

QuickBooks is the #1 accounting software for small businesses, with an impressive list of features that support even larger organizations. Since its first release in 1998, QuickBooks has expanded its product lineup to empower growing companies with the tools they need to run a modern business, transitioning from a desktop accounting program to an end-to-end online financial management solution.

As QuickBooks looked to evolve their brand, they enlisted the help of Tangible as a trusted partner to help them build integrated strategies that would engage cross-functional teams to excite audiences, and inspire customers to think beyond their desktop.

From strategy to execution and beyond, Tangible has helped QuickBooks teams achieve their goals with initiatives that allow them to:


Our product marketing work:

  • Integrated marketing
  • Go-to-market promotions
  • Brand & product messaging
  • Content marketing
  • New program development
  • Webinar and video production
  • Campaign development
  • Product sunsetting & migration
  • Content development
  • Community engagement
  • Web marketing & SEO
  • Customer research
Tangible takes a proactive approach to problem solving, identifying issues and letting me know they have figured out the solution, rather than just leaving problems in my court to review and solve alone. On top of that, they keep asking, ‘What would the customer want?’ and come up with solutions to problems I had not even considered. We see them as an extension of our team.
Parth Shukla
Group Marketing Manager, QuickBooks Insurance

We disrupt brand perceptions to expand into new markets

QuickBooks needed to evolve their narrative to engage new audiences. Tangible helped them become thought leaders in the space.

While QuickBooks offerings have expanded throughout the years to serve larger growing businesses, many still believed QuickBooks was just for small businesses, and just for accounting. So when Tangible was brought in to help disrupt this mindset, we knew we needed to show, not tell.

We created an integrated strategy leveraging video to directly promote the benefits of QuickBooks for growing businesses with a content marketing approach to position QuickBooks as a mid-market thought leader. Partnering with the QuickBooks team, we built an entire corporate webinar program from strategy to execution, utilizing industry professionals to share their expertise on key topics relevant to target audiences, while highlighting the benefits of QuickBooks as a potential solution. We also developed a suite of videos across channels to directly address legacy perceptions and bring the buyer along the journey of understanding the full potential of QuickBooks as an end-to-end mid-market solution.

Overall, our work helped to grow the business unit’s revenue by 24 percent over the prior year.

We meet you where you are. And then we get you where you want to be.

QuickBooks needed to engage their accountant audience in sell-through opportunities to their clients. Tangible helped them develop a partnership that benefits everyone and continues to grow.

In Tangible’s qualitative work with the  QuickBooks Sales and Marketing team, we discovered that many accountants were looking to streamline their work on taxes and bookkeeping to dedicate more time to advisory services. We knew QuickBooks was the answer, and saw an opportunity to partner with accountants in promoting QuickBooks to their clients. We helped make it happen in a way that not only extended their sales reach but benefited their accountant partners’ businesses as well.

We started with deep qualitative research on what would best support accountants in becoming QuickBooks advocates. We then mapped the customer journey to help identify gaps where we could have the most impact. What we saw was that accountants needed information they could share with their clients directly, so we worked with the QuickBooks team to develop messaging that focused on the benefits of QuickBooks for those clients. We built campaigns sharing that language, so accountants had the right messages to use when promoting the product, and created pass-through resources that offered accountants an easy way to share information on QuickBooks with their clients. These resources allowed accountants to have more impactful conversations with their clients, resulting in greater sell-through for QuickBooks.

We help you make a great first impression, and second, and third…

QuickBooks asked for Tangible’s help in launching their new Ledger product. We made it memorable and exceeded expectations.

With Ledger, QuickBooks was answering a need their audience had been voicing for years, so we knew the first impression would be the key to success. We started by partnering with the QuickBooks team to develop a messaging framework that would not only speak to the benefits of the product but truly differentiate it from other solutions. We also worked cross-functionally with their brand and audience teams to help align the messaging to meet QuickBooks global standards and better reach their target audience.

Once the messaging strategy was complete, we used it to create multiple assets promoting Ledger including a landing page, videos, social ads, direct mail, one pager, and in-product messages. Our materials were showcased at the annual QuickBooks Connect event and helped generate higher-than-expected lead counts…driving conversions that exceeded the team’s sales goals.
Tangible serves as our full XD resource – visual, interaction, design, research, copy, and has evolved further to provide support for front-end development work. Tangible provides a fully dedicated, one-stop shop for XD needs, but also is able to scale up and down to support the needs of the business. I highly recommend them for anyone requiring leadership in XD in their organization!
Karen Barson
Vice President, QuickBooks Desktop Marketing

We break down silos so you get better results

QuickBooks needed teams to unite with consistent messaging for their product suite. Tangible made it happen with cross-functional working teams that brought the bigger picture into focus.

The QuickBooks product suite includes multiple business solutions ranging from accounting to payroll to payments, meaning several product teams need to align when global updates are made. Tangible started by connecting these groups to collaboratively create a shared messaging framework that each team could use when talking about the suite. We then worked with product teams to integrate this new messaging into the current product pages for each QuickBooks solution within the ecosystem. For the full rollout, we created several campaigns introducing a more connected QuickBooks which brought the messaging to life through landing pages, videos, social ads, and more.

To ensure the sales team was in lockstep in talking about ecosystem solutions, we created internal assets including sales decks, pass-along flyers, and more to help set the sales team up for success when working new and upsell leads.

We help you and your customers navigate change

QuickBooks needed support in migrating customers from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. Tangible helped build a strategy to support customers in navigating the change, ensuring smoother migrations and greater retention.

We worked with the migration team to build a multi-pronged approach that used comprehensive guides, videos, webinars, and more to help promote the benefits of moving to QuickBooks Online. To help overcome the natural fear of change, we created a messaging strategy that more effectively framed the move as an upgrade with new features to modernize their business. We created a microsite that housed these assets in a format that provided information to meet the decision maker at each stage of their journey – first explaining why a business should move online, then providing a deeper dive on the benefits of QuickBooks Online, and finally giving detailed instructions on how to move.

Once we moved past the peak of migration activity, we further focused on those customers who had not yet made the transition. We worked across historic silos, aligning with both the small business and accountant teams, to develop a shared understanding of what was keeping customers from migrating…as well as what would drive them to make the switch. Our secondary campaign was then able to address these concerns head-on.

To date, over 2.3 million Desktop customers have made the switch to QuickBooks Online.


    New approach increased traffic to Move to Online page by 178%
    The Move to Online page saw a 30% engagement rate overall