Want to build a culture of innovation, but not sure where to start?
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There are no prerequisites for any of these offerings. We know every organization is unique, and we tailor every engagement to meet you where you are at. All programs are offered both remotely and on-site. When you’re ready to learn more, let’s talk.

https://tangible-ux.com/wp-content/uploads/ic-tangible-thinking.svg Tangible Thinking
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Tangible Thinking
Every member of your team can learn to solve problems like a designer. We can’t wait to show you how.

We get it - too often, design thinking workshops leave your team inspired but unable to implement real change within your organization. Our curriculum empowers your own employees to become coaches, so design thinking becomes a part of your ethos.

With the Tangible Thinking training program, you’ll transform your workforce with a set of clear and well-defined techniques proven to empower non-designers to solve problems using the principles of design thinking and customer-centric design. Tangible Thinking unlocks the creativity and spirit of innovation within every member of your organization, training your employees to solve problems by actually solving your own business problems in real time - not hypothetical problems or someone else’s problems.

Solve the right problem.
Tangible's innovation curriculum has been a game changer for my organization. By the end of the sessions with James, I walked away with a clear understanding of actionable next steps on how to apply design thinking principles to the way we approach innovation, product development, and most importantly, addressing customer problems.
Steve Ko
Head of Product, Sysco LABS
https://tangible-ux.com/wp-content/uploads/ic-value-centered-innovation.svg Value-centered Innovation
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Value-centered Innovation: We fix product design.

Value-centered Innovation moves beyond human-centered design to focus on value first and foremost. That means doing the best thing for your business by doing the best thing for your customers, using the best technical solution available to you. It means throwing opinions and whims out the door, and relying on evidence at every turn. It also includes mechanisms for team self-improvement, organization, and transparency.

With Value-centered Innovation, our innovation strategist is embedded within your organization, bringing together a cross-functional team and applying the principles of Tangible Thinking and rapid value delivery to a specific project. We’ll help you build a high-functioning delivery team that achieves measurably better outcomes in less time and with less hassle. You’ll end up with team members who can run their own Value-centered Innovation process on other projects and teams.

Build the right thing, faster.
https://tangible-ux.com/wp-content/uploads/ic-simple-sketching-101.svg Simple Sketching
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Simple Sketching 101
Stop meetings from going round and round by drawing more circles.

75% of our brain’s neural activity is used for visual comprehension when awake. Participants in this one-day workshop, regardless of their artistic abilities, will learn the basics of conveying abstract business concepts with visual metaphors. We’ll show them how to use simple sketching to capture their thinking visually, remember key information more clearly, and share what they’ve captured with others. Meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions will become more engaging, more focused, and more effective.

Level up your communication.
If you're undertaking any type of transformational efforts in your org, James is the go-to person when it comes to innovative design thinking expertise. He inspires through his infectious energy, and his keen facilitation instinct for knowing how to bring the best out in people is second to none.
Kara DeFrias
Director of Experience Design, Obama White House


Across the board, design-led companies have outperformed the S&P by 228% over the last 10 years. But there’s a lot of room to grow -- according to a recent study by InVision, only 12% of companies are receiving as much value as they could be from design for business.