We work closely with our clients to define the “dialogues” that occur between people and interactive devices, such as computers, mobile communication devices and appliances, helping to ensure successful market introductions.

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Featured Case Studies

SnapTax Android

Intuit wanted to migrate an already-successful iPhone app to the Android platform. Our challenge was to retain the great features of the iPhone version of SnapTax while adapting the interactions of the app to Android.

TurboTax Free Tax Advice

TurboTax needed to integrate a new free offering (tax advice from tax professionals) into their existing Help section in a way that would improve the user’s experience of seeking help but wouldn’t overload the existing Customer Care agents.


Tangible UX was engaged to work with the DivX team to develop a strategic vision for a new video platform, and develop a strong, highly usable prototype based on that vision as well as user feedback.

Tangible News & Writings

Tangible Partner, Erin Malone, Asks Some Hard Questions

Tangible partner, Erin Malone, recently spent 5 weeks serving on the jury of the Ellen Pao / Kleiner Perkins trial. After the trial she gathered some thoughts and questions together regarding the state of gender equality in the UX field on Medium and Linked In. Read it here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/big-questions-ponder-post-ellen-pao-trial-erin-malone

Chapter 5.2: Where do we start: Look to Your Research

Our next place to look for A/B testing ideas is research you’ve done (or could do) with your customers and prospects. There’s nothing quite like the phrase, “We have research data that shows …” to make your next marketing/creative meeting a lot more pleasant and productive! See more

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